PastaMania - The largest Italian restaurant is now available in Malaysia!

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As I stepped into the newly opened restaurant, I felt as if I was transported from Malaysia to Italy with the shopfront designs and alfresco like seating. What a great ambiance to dine in! The space has a charming, market-in-Italy kind of vibe. PastaMania restaurant perfectly encapsulates Italy in their cozy little restaurant in Klang Valley. I experienced a huge part of Italy just by dining in PastaMania in Klang Valley, Malaysia – great food, rich culture, classic and amazing services staff, everything you can expect from this authentic restaurant in Italy at a fraction of the price!

"Moments and memories of simple pleasures for families and friends brought to you by the convenience of wholesome Italian experience."

Unique Concept of PastaMania

  1. Dine in Italy - Italian piazza concept.
  2. Quality & Affordability - Best ingredients from Italy and Europe.
  3. Customized Menu - Choose your past.
  4. Freshly cooked - Pasta served within 5 minutes.

Casual Italian Dining

The restaurant is different from the typical Italian fine dining restaurants with its genuiness and casual vibe, allowing customers to enjoy a comfortable meal. I would recommend to you because this is a place where you can roll in with a group of friends and have a great fun while dining.

Overall Food Tasted

Italy’s culinary universe goes far beyond pizza and pasta and I was heartened to see PastaMania offering an extensive selection of dishes, leaving me spoilt for choices! Besides, the menu offers salads, soups, pizzas, pastas, gelatos and even waffles – a depiction of what an authentic Italian restaurant should offer.

Suitable for Occasions

In case if you want to hold any occasions such as birthday party, engagement, or any celebration, from a casual catch up to even a big group dinner, PastaMania is the perfect place with variety types of food.

The Price

As you can see in the menu provided, all the food is serve with a reasonably price, satisfying and without burning a hole in your pocket.


PastaMania started with Timothy Ghinn, an expatriate European working in Singapore in the 1990s with a simple question, "why it possible to find good local food at was affordable prices, while good Italian cuisine was so expensive?” Growing the next 15 years make PastaMania as the largest Italian Restaurant Chain in Singapore 0n 2007 - 2017. Apart from Singapore, PastaMania has also expanded overseas into 12 countries which is China, Cambodia, Malaysia, Brunei, Kuwait, Egypt, UAE, and Myanmar with a coverage of more than 50 stores.

Facebook Page: PastaMania Malaysia Klang Valley
Location: Sunway Velocity Mall
Opening hours: 10am – 10pm

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  1. Okay I could come and give it a try as it's way too close from my college.. haha..

  2. mmg susah nak jmpa Italian restaurant.. ya Allah busyra tak boleh tngok entri pasal makanan.. hehe..

    1. hahhaa ok nk kena buat banyak lagi entri pasal makanan :P