Nano Hair Treatment at Hair Color Expert from RM68

10:00 AM

Last week I went to a hair saloon which I know this saloon via Facebook when I see a lot of positive review regarding to this saloon. This hair saloon is specialized for hair coloring with cheap price but I don't want to dye my hair instead I do a Nano hair treatment.  What more surprising is about Nano Treatment that they had in one of their services. I've been wondering what is so special about Nano Treatment and what is the different with another hair treatment that using steamer. So I went to the saloon to try out this nano treatment at their saloon. The price is very cheap and affordable compared to other's hair saloon which is from RM68 - RM90 based on length of your hair.

"Premium Hair Coloring Made Affordable"

The Result

It tooks 45 minutes to finish my hair. With the used of collagen that contain honey (Halal product), amazingly, I can't even feel my hair anymore! Haha, it is super soft and smooth. My hair bounced back when I flipped it. Wow I really feel like a korean celebrity's hair which I found it cute.

Inside the Hair Saloon

I love how colourful their saloon is and it feels so comfortable, no outside-distraction. The staff workers that treated me on that day were being so nice and friendly. Before you proceed any services, you can also get a consultation from them.

Octopus as their main logo, they also provide a waiting section which you could bring your companion when waiting for you.


Location: 11, Jalan Radin Bagus 3, Sri Petaling Kuala Lumpur. 
Contact: 03-9544 2089
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  1. Wah tempat dia pon nice and selesa. Maybe one day boleh try buat treatment situ :D

    1. tempat dia cantik, yeah you should try it!