I resigned at Bernama News Channel

11:41 AM

Two months ago on 23rd August 2019, I resigned as Assistant Producer at Bernama News Channel. I had a great time in two years and half in TV production; handling two talk-show of Nine11 & Ruang Bicara. Working at BERNAMA strengthen my profile and skills especially in News & Current Affairs Department.

From Media Industry to Corporation Communications. 

I moved from KL to Penang because I will get married soon and my fiance lived in Penang. Currently, I'm in Corporate Communication Department as one of the Executive. It has been two months I'm working here. I'm glad to be a part of the professional team and work in a good company. It's my dream job and my dream to work in an established company. So far I’m doing fine here. I like the environment and the system that they are using. The company I have been working offers a lot of benefits too not just a medical which I kinda like it, I am thankful to finally have a better career and chances. I wish to tell you the name of the company however I am still under probation so, let me do my job first hehe.

I hope for a better life in Penang and live happily ever after with my fiance, future husband.

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