I'm getting married

9:13 PM

Hey guys, how you doin? It's been so long that I neglect my blog but anyway, hi I'm back! Today is 25th June 2020 and I just wanted to inform to all my blog followers that I am wonderfully getting married in 29 days. Time flies so fast. Actually, I wanted to humbly announce about this, not to be too excited but yeah, I hope everything will be just fine in shaa Allah.

Currently, we are in the middle of preparations. Thing's getting intense sebab I need to focus on two major things right now, dengan sibuk kerja lagi.. being in a corporate comm department is quite tough here and if you ask me, I can tell you that I kinda gelabah jugak. The second major important thing is; my wedding preparations. Instead of that, I need to move to a new house in 3 days tapi I belum pack my stuffs lagi ni.

I've been working since morning till night and it is so tiring sebab nak kena tengok dua benda kan but in shaa Allah, I'll keep up this momentum. Fever hits me actually because I just got back from outstation in Alor Setar and then balik semula ke Penang, driving alone of course. I guess that's all my personal story to be share and nahh I wanna show you something.

I had a dream of wearing this ring last night and I can't wait to wear it for real. These are the matchy rings of ours; me and my fiance. I chose gold and he chose suasa sebab lelaki tak boleh pakai emas kan. You can view it larger on my Instagram kot I have uploaded it yesterday.

In shaa Allah, I pray to Allah swt that things will be easy. It is so hard to maintain a relationship to hit the level of marriage. I finally found a man that I really like and a man that I will love for the rest of my life. Alright, I'll come back on blogging soon ok! Stay healthy and safe everyone.

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